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Strengthening Strength!

Updated: Jan 24

One of the best lessons I have learned earlier in my career was to always "focus on your strengths." Like many aspiring young managers back then, I used to receive performance reviews with an emphasis on improving what I did not do well. Then came Ms. Kimberly Rath, co-founder of Talent +, whose partnership with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company changed my prism, and for the first time, was coached on emphasizing not only the importance of understanding weaknesses but, more crucially, the significance of identifying, investing on, fortifying and strengthening one's strengths. This philosophy was ingrained in me through the years, and utilized it to propel my career and those I had the honor of coaching, within and beyond the company.

It is the same philosophy I drew upon with a consulting client, 33 Seaport Hotel NY, in crafting their Service Culture and Values. A journey that involved exploring several industry and non-industry best practices and delving into their strengths --- represented by the positive guest and employee sentiments through their surveys, social media, and other feedback channels or platforms. With participation from hotel and corporate leaders and most especially, the hourly employees, the team successfully developed something uniquely theirs -- The 33 Seaport Hotel Service Commitments, Service Values and Guest Experience Standards.

General Manager, Mr. Gary deSoiza, and a few of the leaders of 33 Seaport Hotel NY who crafted their own Service Culture Commitments and Values.

Now the real challenge begins - live it, breath it and be it! Stay tuned!

Are you ready to elevate your success? Project "Strengthen Our Strength" is not just a consulting service; it's a transformative experience that will empower you and your team to unlock your true potential.

Join me on a path to excellence, where we focus on what makes you exceptional and build upon it for unparalleled success in your endeavors.

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