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The modules below may be secured individually or combined with other services  based on your needs.  Please contact me for more information regarding fees, pre, on-site and post project activities.

Module 1: Mystery Guest Product and Service Evaluation

Are you overwhelmed with customer data from your surveys and social media impressions?  Do you have the resources to deep dive, identify and understand the key drivers of your customer’s Overall Satisfaction?  Are you looking for a different kind of Mystery Shopper who will integrate all intelligence and information on hand, and provide you with immediate results, insights, and recommendations prior to leaving your property?

Click here to find out how we can help you stand out and ASTOUND!

Module 2:  ACE IT!

Astounding Customer Engagement Intuitive Training

Would you like your associates to learn how to be “on stage” at all times?  Do you want them to learn techniques to deliver and execute astounding and amazing guest engagements? Do you want them to be empowered and more comfortable in problem handling by understanding how to help guests with problems, resolve their own problems?  Do you want your associates to be at par with luxury hotel customer standards?

Click here to find out how we can help you stand out and ASTOUND!

Module 3: Project ROAD

Is your restaurant, running at your expectation?  Do you need a fresh look from an award-winning entrepreneur?  Allow me to join you and your team as we take the “ROAD” less traveled..


The journey includes service, pre-service, menus, beverage, selling strategies, management development, look and feel, ambiance, culture and more… 


Chef Barry Cohen will provide the team proven ways to think like an independent restaurant owner – owning the business!

Drive more local business by learning to spot the opportunity within the pockets of population that surrounds the business

Click here to start your journey with Restaurant Operational Analysis and Diagnostic Review.


Module 4:  QIT Training and Certification

Would you like your Quality Leader or Service Quality Team to be certified in utilizing Six Sigma  and Total Quality Management Tools that have been proven to drive  significant improvements.  Do you want them to have a work structure to perform their quality purpose and function more effectively?  Are you open to benchmark best practices from other companies?

Click here to find out how we can certify your team in this body of knowledge and allow them stand out and ASTOUND!

Module 5: Project MEET



Do you wish to better understand your Event Sales Lost Business, understand the 5 W's of your loss, learn from the wisdom of analysis, and develop strategies to prevent or reduce the recurrence of loss?  Is there a need to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your event processes?  What strategies does your team have to drive higher satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business?


Click here to find out how we can help your Meeting and Events Excellence Team stand out and ASTOUND!

Module 6:  Project Experience Architects


Is there a specific experience you want  guests to remember always?  Do you wish to design a “moment of impact” in that experience that will be memorable, instagrammable and garner more positive social media impressions?   Do you want your team to learn how to architect experiences through Guest Journey Mapping? 

Click here to find out how we can help your team stand out and ASTOUND!


Module 7:  Strategic Planning Process

Do you need someone who can objectively facilitate the Strategic Planning Process for your leadership teams? Do you need someone who will engage the team to develop meaningful efforts and achieve meaningful outcomes?


Utilizing a proven process that ensures a more systematic, collaborative and focused approach to goal setting and action planning based on S.M.A.R.T. principles.  A plan that can be periodically updated and tracked with transparent results.  A plan that can be cascaded to all levels of management for alignment of efforts. A plan that will contribute to the hotel's product, service and financial success.

Allow me to help you stand out and ASTOUND!

Module 8: Project by Project Improvement


Do you have a systemic problem that is causing numerous guest complaints and negative experiences?  Do you have a work process that you believe needs to change but do not know how or where to start?  Are you wondering why work is cumbersome and takes too many people or too long to finish?  Do you see process steps where mistakes happen again and again?   Do you need to right-size your team to optimize productivity?

Click here to find out how we can help you stand out and ASTOUND!


Module 9: Project Developing a CQIC

We can assist in the development of a Continuous Quality Improvement Culture to ensure best-in-class business operations resulting in service, product, and profit success.  

This is a one month project that will allow you to kick start the culture with 10 programs and initiatives that will be the foundational support of your quality and continuous improvement efforts.

This journey will take you from the development of your company's overarching quality philosophy, to training your leadership team with application and usage of quality tools and up to the development of your Leadership KPI.

Click here to start your never-ending journey...

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