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From Pearl to Jewel...

Updated: Jan 11

Have you ever found yourself dining in a hotel restaurant that underwent a remarkable transition within just 24 hours? That was precisely my experience while doing consulting work at 33 Seaport Hotel, a charming boutique property situated at the tip of Manhattan, with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge gracing the background.

Kudos to Chef Jorge Bruderer for a remarkable transition of a restaurant with two very distinct themes – how do I know?  The perfect Eggs Benedict!

While many may underestimate the complexity of this seemingly straightforward breakfast dish, it often receives negative feedback, primarily centered around the challenge of achieving the perfect consistency in the hollandaise sauce. This culinary feat is coupled with the requirement for flawlessly poached eggs, with yolk running like molten lava as you delicately cut through it with your utensils.

In both instances of my order, I opted to substitute the Canadian bacon with American.  This choice pleasantly surprised me as the bacon retained its crispiness, contributing to the overall sensational texture with every delectable bite.


PEARL on my first day:

Rating: 5 of 5

In harmony with the restaurant's modern Asian theme, the eggs benedict dish was perfectly prepared and served alongside a good portion of salad delicately drizzled with vinaigrette, enhancing the overall dining experience.  The inclusion of vegetables in a morning dish evoked memories of my time working in Asia, where such food presentation is a common practice. The culinary creation not only pleased the palate but also captivated the eyes, delivering a truly delightful dining experience.

JEWEL on my second day:

Rating: 5 of 5

My order was vibrantly served on a white plate, exuding a cosmopolitan New York flair that instantly captivated my senses. The sides of potatoes sautéed to perfection with delicate vegetable leaves, contributed an earthy flavor that elevated the savory essence of the dish. The hollandaise sauce, expertly poured over the poached eggs, added a layer of richness. As I delicately cut through the yolk, it didn’t disappoint.  Kudos!


In a conversation with Chef Bruderer, I discovered an intriguing facet of his culinary inspiration—his wife's Filipino heritage. With a conspiratorial whisper, Chef Bruderer divulged a secret ingredient he learned from her, a special touch that now graces many of his dishes. Amused by the nature of this revelation, I promised to keep the secret.

As I reflected on my dining experiences, I remembered the familiar and familial taste and knowing what it is now, I cannot help but smile at understanding the magic behind the distinctive flavor that elevated the dish to surprisingly savory heights.

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