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Meet Your Advisors


Paul Roa 

CEO and Principal Advisor


 I am Paul, Your Customer Engagement and Service Quality Expert

🌟 A Visionary Leader with a Proven Track Record 🌟

For over three decades, I've honed my expertise in the dynamic world of hospitality, starting my journey with the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. Their commitment to excellence, epitomized by the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, instilled in me the philosophy of treating every individual as "Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen."


🌏 Embracing Global Inspirations 🌏

I continued my journey with the legendary Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts known for familial Asian Hospitality that inspired me to appreciate my roots and "to embrace everyone as kin, as family..."

🚀 My Passion, Your Success 🚀

Now, my passion for elevating customer engagement and service quality has led me to a new mission. I am committed to empowering companies with insights, strategies, and actions to achieve excellence in customer service. I'm here to help you exceed expectations and create unforgettable customer experiences.

📈 Career Highlights 📈

  • 20 Years with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (NY & SF)

  • 10 Years with Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts (Hong Kong)

  • 3 Years on the Forbes Travel Advisor Board (2013-2016)

🌐 Connect with Me 🌐

Let's embark on a journey of excellence together. Join me on LinkedIn:

Elevate your customer engagement and service quality with Paul Samuel Roa – Your Trusted Partner for Success!

Barry Cohen 

Senior Consultant, Food & Beverage


Hello, I am Barry – Your Gateway to Culinary Excellence and Profitable Ventures

🚀 From Humble Beginnings to Culinary Triumphs 🚀

Picture this: Starting a business at the tender age of 22, no resources, no funding. What seemed like an effortless journey to build a brand was, in reality, a challenging climb. But adversity only fueled my determination. With over five decades of experience in the independent and corporate restaurant and hotel food and beverage realm, I've successfully crafted a remarkable resume of transforming ordinary establishments into extraordinary, high-volume, award-winning, and profitable culinary destinations.

🏨 From Fairmont to Shangri-La, Moments Turned into Memories 🏨

My journey has taken me from Fairmont Hotels to Shangri-La Hotels, where I mastered the art of turning moments into cherished memories. The mantra I live by: "if they love us when they leave us, they'll be back." With this approach, I've had the privilege to share my knowledge worldwide, transforming hospitality operations into high-caliber, guest-centric financial success stories.

📺 TV Personality, Prolific Author, Industry Leader 📚

In the spotlight, I've graced network TV cooking shows for over a decade and penned four books while co-authoring three alongside industry titans. My journey from manager and chef to CEO and corporate director has equipped me with a deep understanding of all facets of front and back of the house operations.

🔥 Igniting the Passion for Excellence 🔥

My true passion lies in teaching, empowering everyone involved in your operations to master the art of running an extraordinary business.

🌐 Let's Connect 🌐

Ready to unlock the secrets of culinary excellence and profitable ventures? Join me on LinkedIn:

our Culinary Sherpa awaits to Guide You to Unparalleled Success!

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