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Strength Training

A few weeks ago, I led the Leadership Team of The 33 Seaport Hotel in New York through the process of crafting their Commitment Culture and 7 Service Values. This was achieved by analyzing over 500 Social Media Reviews and Guest Feedback, totaling more than 10,000 words.

Returning this week, my focus shifted to a new form of guidance -  Strength Training.

From a Fitness standpoint, this training regimen is designed to increase muscular strength, power, and endurance with the primary goal of improving the ability of muscles to generate force against resistance. Similarly, I developed a tailored and customized training module strategically designed to continuously "strengthen the strengths" of the associates and their ability to be consistently consistent in the delivery of the hotel's products and services.

Kudos to the leaders who participated in the Train the Trainer classes; they now shoulder the responsibility of imparting this knowledge to all other hotel employees, encouraging them to not just understand but to Live it, Breath it, Be it!

With new trainers Juan Heredia, Michelle Frogoso-Hernandez and Bryan Camacho

With new Trainer Androni Perez

With Trainers Chef Jorge Bruderer, Ronald Cometivos and Ayodele Richards-Brooks with the Front Desk and Restaurant Teams of the hotel

With General Manager Gary DeSoiza and Ayodele Richards-Brooks conducting her first Culture Commitments and 7 Values Training with the Housekeeping and Engineering Teams of the hotel.

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