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Live it, breathe it, be it...

I believe I can help you stand out and astound! A response I gave Ms. Ruth D' Franco, Regional Director of Human Resources for Noble House Resorts and Hotels, when she excitedly told me about their new Core Values but looking for other ideas on how to roll it out effectively to all team members.

A week later, I found myself in front of the leadership team of the bay area hotels of Noble House Resorts and Hotels, and sharing best practices of branding, re-branding and roll-out of Company Core Values and Culture. Best practices that I have learned, benchmarked, and used through the years with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Shangri-La Hotels,and Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels. and even Amazon.

In the end, the leadership team brainstormed up to 20 ideas and narrowed it down to 5 fun and exciting strategies. More importantly, they've also learned some techniques of maintaining and sustaining their Core Values and Culture to allow the team members of their hotels the ability to live it, breathe it and be it - daily!

Thank you again to Ms. D'Franco and Mr. Tony Roumph, Area Managing Director and to the leadership team for their eager and passionate participation. I am certain their zest will allow everyone to share and practice these Core Values amongst each other and with their guests.

The Leadership Team of the Bay Area hotels of Noble House Hotels and Resorts.

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