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Santa Catalina Island

Last week, I was commissioned to conduct a product and service evaluation for the two hotels and two restaurants owned by Santa Catalina Island Company. Thank you to Roberto Perico, the company’s Sr. Vice President of Hospitality for giving me this opportunity, and the partnership with a long-time friend, Cynthia Guerrero - Goins who does an amazing job in training all associates in performing “service from the heart.”

Mr. Perico’s requirement was simple --- a report presented to his leadership team before leaving the island…. and I did!

First, I presented to the hotel’s leadership team the results of my experiential evaluation, utilizing a process and technique that integrates social media and operational intelligence and information (I3) to generate recommendations that will allow for best-in-class business operations resulting in service, product, and profit dominance. Next, I presented my findings to the Food and Beverage Leadership team, highlighting my experiences at the outlets – providing insights on their food offerings and service engagement with recommendations to further strengthen their mystique.

Lastly, I was also allowed a full-day observation of the service and culinary operations of Antonio’s Pizzeria and Cabaret ---validated root causes and provided “out of the box” recommendations to ensure the needs of guests are consistently met or exceeded.

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