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Always on stage!

"You are all good looking and should be actors and actresses. What are you doing working in a hotel?" That was an innocent question I asked the Front Desk and Bell Services associates during one of my meetings with them. They looked at each other and in unison replied "we are!" Before I knew it, they did an impromptu song and dance excerpt from the musical A Chorus Line. As I watched in awe, I realized why our Guest Satisfaction rating in this hotel was always high... not because of their looks, but because they were always on stage! Every function is a script to memorize, every interaction is an act to fulfill, every mistake is turned into a comedy to make people laugh, every problem is a drama to resolve, every guest is an audience to amaze and in the end, even a small thank you is a bravo!

That was back at The Ritz-Carlton, New York in the early 90's... and it is the same story I tell my audience every time I have the opportunity to conduct training sessions on Service Excellence. This time around, I had the honor of sharing the same story as I conducted ACE IT to the team members of two amazing properties of Noble House Hotels and Resorts in San Francisco - The Hotel Argonaut and Hotel Zoe.

It is always refreshing to be on stage, but it is always a pleasure to remind everyone that the moment they enter the premises of their hotel, they should always be on stage --- and to turn an amazing service to an astounding experience, they were made aware, trained and practiced the techniques of ACE IT!

"Thank you very much for your great training sessions which were full of energy and enthusiasm, yet being meaningful and inspiring. I really enjoyed it." - Than

"Everyone is really grateful for your training and it reminds us to be more aware of the small details, yet very effective ways to make our goal (customer service) at par... Maraming Salamat Paul" - Eric

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