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Ahead of its time...

As I was reviewing the contents of a flash drive, I was surprised to see a set of files from 1997. They were files from Tropicana Casino Resort and Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was with them from January to April 1997. How did I get that job?

In December of 1996, I received a call from the Human Resource Director of the Casino, offering me the position of Director of Quality Assurance. I was surprised with the offer and asked if I needed to go through the interview process. The Director replied "you already did." As I gathered my thoughts, the Director reminded me that the interview happened a few weeks ago, without my knowledge, during my Service Quality presentation. Little did I know that the audience were the Executive Committee of the company together with the President Mr. Dennis Gomes, who after my presentation and several questions later, made a decision to hire me.

It was an offer I could not resist so in January 2007, I found myself in the office of Mr. Gomes, who gave me my first assignment - to develop the Service Standards for the Casino and Hotel Operations. I remember him saying "while many casinos offer great gaming options, the quality of our service is what will set us apart. It will help our customers feel more confident in interacting with us, leaving with a positive experience and wanting to come back again and again."

It was a monumental task and Mr. Gomes' vision was truly ahead of its time. This project was made easier and more fun though as I partnered and collaborated with Mr. Todd Alan Moyer, the Executive Director of Marketing of the Casino during that time.

We conducted a Customer Board of Director's Focus Group and extracted their product and service expectations were from the company. Next, we also asked the same questions to the employees who volunteered to become part of the process. We also involved the leaders of the Casino and hotel in finalizing their standards and developed plans to make it part of every employee's daily training.

All the Hotel and Casino Service Standards were finalized - totaling 36 positions with over 500+ Service Standards. All standards were rolled out in April of the same year!

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Unfortunately, it was the only assignment I was able to finish for Mr. Gomes. The entire time I was working with Tropicana, I was bothered by constant coughing. During that time, there was not yet any regulation for smoking inside buildings it was causing my respiratory illness. I tendered my resignation for health reasons.

Fortunately, I received a call from my former General Manager to continue my journey with The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco... and so my story continues...

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