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ACE IT to W.Inn

Updated: Feb 22

In an electrifying display of dedication and enthusiasm, a dynamic team of over 55 Colonial Williamsburg Inn employees embarked on a transformative journey! They eagerly immersed themselves in not one, not two, but three captivating ACE IT training sessions. These sessions weren't just any run-of-the-mill training, but rather thrilling, interactive experiences that left everyone on the edge of their seats!

What was the buzz all about? Well, the employees were armed with a powerful arsenal of techniques to turn their guest engagement game up several notches. It was all about mastering the "4 As of Engagement" - Acknowledge, Anticipate, Ascertain, and the Art of Giving Options. With these skills in their toolkit, they are more than ever, poised to astound and delight guests like never before.

But there's more to this story! These training sessions weren't just generic; they were meticulously tailored to address the findings of product and service evaluations conducted by #tag. And to add a touch of brilliance, we made sure the training was intricately linked to the prestigious 5-Star Standards of the Forbes Travel Guide.

The driving force behind this exhilarating initiative were Mr. Tom Gilliland, Executive Vice President of Operations, Crescent Hotels and Resorts and Ms. Pamela Crenshaw, Executive Director of Colonial Williamsburg Hotels. Their unwavering commitment to excellence shone like a beacon, and their championed efforts to ensure that this historic establishment continued its legacy of heartfelt service. Through their leadership, the employees are more than ready to serve from the heart, to the heart, and through the heart.

Kudos to this remarkable team, and for the legacy they will continue for years to come!

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