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During my recent visit to a luxurious 5-star hotel in Virginia, I had the pleasure of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the hotel's product and service offerings. As part of this assessment, I dedicated time to reviewing the restaurant, focusing on the service staff's performance, as well as the quality and presentation of the food.

One standout moment from this evaluation was my experience with a dessert recommendation from my server. This particular dessert had a profound impact on me, as it transported me back to my roots with its first delectable bite. The dish featured a humble root crop, a staple of Filipino delicacies, known as UBE.

After savoring every luscious morsel of the Ube Creme Brulee, I couldn't help but return to my room with a contented smile on my face. It was an experience so remarkable that I was compelled to share my thoughts in a glowing review and gave it a rating of 5 Stars!

"This recommendation excelled in both food quality and presentation. It was a visual masterpiece, evoking cherished memories of my childhood in my homeland, where we relished perfectly boiled ube, dipped in fresh shaved coconut and brown sugar. The crushed macadamia nuts and the beurre noisette-flavored financier complemented the creamy texture of the dessert while the brulee element added cosmopolitan flair, elevating the humble potato to international culinary acclaim."

UBE, a purple yam originating from the Philippines, boasts a unique combination of earthy flavors, creamy textures, and refined sweetness. It has been a cherished ingredient in a wide array of Filipino culinary creations, ranging from traditional steamed rice bread (puto) and brioche (ensaymada) to innovative renditions such as ice cream and cheesecake, all flaunting a vibrant purple hue.

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